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Physioline provides consultancy services for project management for healthcare facilities from: Conceptual design, equipment planning, assessment and study, procurement and commissioning.


Physioline works in cloth collaboration with specialized company for

  • Conceptual and Interior Design
    • Layout of Conceptual Design
    • Layout of allocated working space
    • Furnished plan
    • Loaded plan
    • Recommended interior design material
  • Advanced Equipment procurement
    • Choice of adapted equipment to need
    • Equipment listing and relative specifications
    • Budget related
  • Monitoring Market Research (MR) in the Rehabilitation field
    • Providing MR guidelines
    • Meet Client complex need
    • Target MR to set strategy
    • Customized to specific market
  • Customize and Implement Business Model
    • Advanced and physiotherapy services
    • Distinctive tailored concept to reflect specific Rehabilitation center image
    • Replicable Business model
    • Versatile and adaptable operating system
    • Specialized multidisciplinary therapy services
    • Resourceful qualified team
    • State of the art equipment
  • Team
    • Team creation
    • Setting successful Managing Leader
    • Employs professionals and specialist practitioners from clinical, diagnostic, administrative and service disciplines.
    • Provides education and continuous training to the team
  • Provide Feasibility Study
    • Budgeting expenses
    • Expected income
    • Marketing budget
    • Working capital
    • Provisional Profit and Loss
    • Return On Investment
    • Profitability


Physioline provides reports to investors, administrators and project managers related to the mentioned services


Started since 2010 till today in the Gulf Area

KUWAIT Governmental Hospital Rehab Center

LEBANON Private Hospitals

UAE Private Hospitals and Rehab Centers

KSA Rehabilitation Centers

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