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Why Use Smaller Courts?

The court size is relevant to the size of the player. Most children aged 8 and under will struggle to cover the full court, meaning rallies are shorter, and tactics are unrealistic (moon-balls, playing inside the baseline, too much space to hit the ball into).

Realistic footwork patterns are difficult to develop, as children have to use more steps to cover the court, affecting movement styles to the ball and in recovery. This is also affected by a fast and high bouncing ball. Approaches and volleys become an almost impossible tactic for small players on big courts because they are easy to pass or lob. And, it takes longer to reach an optimal net position because of their size and speed.

In the diagram, you can see that a typical cross court baseline shot travels a longer distance to reach from the center of each court as the court size increases. The full court requirements of these balls are too great for most players below 130-135cms, necessitating unrealistic footwork patterns to and from the ball, most notably with a greater number of steps compared to an adult.


Article based on ITF tennis Play and Stay Campaign and Tennis10s.


By Malek OUNSI
Ms in Research In Physiotherapy
Sports Physiotherapist
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